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About Recovery Ballroom:

The Sway2Go! Recovery Ballroom Dance Program, was designed to inspire the creation of second chance communities and empower the people who receive second chances to succeed. Engagement in meaningful personal development opportunities can help individuals and families in recovery find access to healthy living activities as well as create new support networks.


As a mobile learning curriculum, Recovery Ballroom promotes the implementation of long-term and sustainable wellness programs that can be run onsite for businesses, government entities, community groups or nonprofit organizations. Recovery Ballroom Dance Classes can be taught by individuals without any prior ballroom dance or teaching experience. Staff, volunteers and peer-support specialists can be trained how to teach Recovery Ballroom Dance Classes in one & two-day workshops.


The curriculum provides: a useful addition to life-skills training (drug court), adjunctive exercise-therapy options, and positive family and community engagement. Participants in Recovery Ballroom Dance Classes learn how to: improve communication skills, increase self-awareness, build leadership and followership capacity, minimize “gut” reaction response time (through the acquisition of empathetic movement skills), develop a teamwork attitude, examine healthy exercise choices, have fun and so much more!


The use of a movement-based learning opportunity may improve outcomes for individuals in recovery who excel in non-traditional classroom formats. The “ceremony” of the ballroom dance learning process, provides a covert mechanism for teaching essential life-skills. The “action” component of participating in a recovery ballroom dance class engages learners physically, emotionally and intellectually. Implementation of the Sway2Go! Recovery Ballroom Program in non-urban areas may help foster new interest and engagement in the arts, wellness and dance. Our communities benefit when individuals and families are healthy and stable. Recovery Ballroom Dance Classes provide meaningful and socially engaging opportunities that are fun for all.

More information about Sway2Go! Youth Ballroom and Sway2Go! Community Ballroom - coming soon!

About the program developer:

Renee Gallagher, M.Ed. Instructional Design, BA Sociology, developed the Sway2Go! Recovery Ballroom program in response to community needs stemming from the opioid crisis in Kentucky. As a former small business owner of ballroom dance schools -  in both California and Kentucky, Renee is an experienced arts and wellness facilitator and promoter of dance education and social learning opportunities for individuals and families. She is a US National Professional Ballroom Dance Champion, coach and trainer. Renee is passionate about teaching staff, volunteers and organizations how to run sustainable in-house wellness opportunities that combine dance, arts and personal development to enhance community participation in recovery interventions. When Renee is not teaching or developing learning programs, she works full time as a Software Onboarding Project Manager at GrowthZone

Help us extend the reach of ballroom dancing opportunities into recovery communities everywhere. To arrange an on-site presentation, consultation or to discuss the Sway2Go! Recovery Ballroom program emailus@sway2goballroom.com. We look forward to dancing with you soon!

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