Peer-2-Peer Recovery Ballroom

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Group exercise classes, such as ballroom dancing, present unique alternatives for rehabilitation. People in recovery programs benefit from learning how to ballroom dance along with peers who are also in the recovery process. Ballroom classes in safe spaces, supported by individuals aware of the specific challenges associated with addiction are key to the success of Sway2Go! Recovery Ballroom.

Training opportunities for individuals to become Peer-2-Peer Sway2Go! Recovery Ballroom instructors provide an intriguing mechanism to help individuals develop teaching and presentation skills, while simultaneously healing self and helping others.

Peer-2-Peer instructors are necessary to create sustainable recovery environments where classes are readily available and ongoing in treatment centers and community groups. Peer-2-Peer instructor training becomes a transformative opportunity, opening the door to new career possibilities and increasing marketable employment skills for any job.

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