Family Recovery - They Need Support Too

I recently had the opportunity to attend an amazing training dedicated to sharing new methods for supporting families in Recovery. Families need support, even when their family member refuses to engage with the recovery services or programs made available to them. Family members and friends often have limited access to resources geared especially for their circumstances. This is unfortunate, because their lives are directly impacted by the the consequences of a loved one's substance use disorder.

The Family Recovery Coach training workshop, hosted by TAADAS in Nashville, was led by Richard Jones of FAVOR Greenville. FAVOR Greenville, is nonprofit organization that promotes a Family Recovery Model that focuses on connecting directly with family members. Family Recovery Coaches listen, share, guide and coach parents, spouses, children and friends over the phone and in meetings. This direct support is a great benefit as parents and spouses navigate their daily lives associated with the disruptions that often transpire as individuals suffering with a substance use disorder continue to use alcohol or drugs.

FAVOR Greenville, provides a one-of-a-kind recovery community - reaching first to connect with the individuals who are closest to the person suffering with the substance use disorder - the family and friends. Ultimately, FAVOR believes an approach that helps families get the support they need to flourish - may ultimately change the family system and motivate the individual with the substance use disorder to receive the help they need.

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